Bravo Lima Bravo Demolition. Part Of The Brandi/Brian Industries Family Of Companies 

 Bravo Lima Bravo Demolition. Part Of The Brandi/Brian Industries Family Of Companies 

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Welcome To BLB Subs

Bravo Lima Bravo Demolition (BLB Subs)

Joining BLB as a “BLB Subs” Subcontractor is fast and simple! Just fill out the form below for review, get approved, sign the contract, and you’re in!

   Benefits Of The BLB Subcontractor Program:

• Fill your calendar with extra work

• Reduce your marketing efforts (Save some $, make even more)

• Get new jobs emailed directly to you, when they meet your service area & scope preferences

• Set up direct deposit for faster payments

• You can continue to accept other direct customer jobs, while you’re waiting for us to send you extra work 

• Enjoy a revolving & flexible contract that allows you to stay on with us for as long as you like, without the need to ever re-sign.

• Create a new business relationship 

Subcontractor Requirements:

• You must provide your own GL & WC Insurance, with a minimum $1,000,000 limit

• You must add Bravo Lima Bravo Demolition as an additional insured

• You must have your own equipment, or the financial ability to secure the equipment needed on a job per job basis. BLB is not responsible for your equipment inventory, or lack there of 

• You must have at least 2 employees per crew, one to load, one to drive. But more is better 

• There is no limit to how many crews you can sign on with you, but they must be reliable 

BLB Subs Application 
To become a BLB Subs Subcontractor, you are required to submit your Employer Identification Number, If you are a registered entity, such as an LLC, Joint Partnership, Corporation, Etc… or your Social Security Number if you are a sole proprietorship, to verify your business structure, and your personal identity. By selecting the “I agree” option below, you agree to this requirement and wish to submit your application. If you don’t agree, please exit the application at this time.
Submitting your EIN/SSN Is a requirement 
BLB (Bravo Lima Bravo)